Credit: Elisabeth Caren/ABC Family

Sure, all kinds of secrets were revealed on Greek‘s season premiere Monday, but one trumped all others for me: We got to see the store where they apparently all go to get their constant array of fabulous costumes for various theme parties! (Cappie and Casey went there to discuss their couple costume for the Fairytale Ball. He suggested the Big Bad Wolf and Grandma, causing Casey to scoff, “The whole reason sororities throw parties is so girls can look hot and slutty.” Another secret revealed!)

Seriously, though, my real favorite revelation had to be Calvin and Grant coming out at the Fairytale Ball. Does it get any better than two hot princes starting the slow dancing among the twinkly lights and wishing wells? Makes that whole roommate situation easier, too, even with frat brothers now leaving pairs of tiaras at their door.

So relieved, however, that Casey told Cappie about the ZBZs starting the Gamma Psi fire. Cappie was so wise: “I know it may seem like the biggest deal in the world right now, but it was an accident. And some day it will just be a really good story.” (There it is, kids, college in a nutshell.) Katherine may have said, “you should never rely on a man for anything other than procreation,” but Cappie proved her wrong. We know the ZBZs are going to have to come clean, one way or another, with Gamma Psi, as well, though I enjoyed all the Criminal Minds/Law & Order/Scrubs-inspired coverup. ‘If there’s anything I learned from shredding documents for my dad when I was a kid,” Rebecca said, “it’s that if they can’t link you to the crime, you won’t do the time.”

In other news, congrats to Rusty on winning the fellowship! Rusty’s been kinda snoozy lately. But he was in fine form this episode as he tried to take over leading the pledges, clumsily applying his self-help-book advice on management, as when he told one of the pledges during a brainstorming session, “I’d like to praise you for your positive attributes and thank you for your contributions.” (Runner-up Rusty line of the night came when he explained to Casey why, when they were kids, he confessed to their mom about breaking their TV instead of keeping his secret: “We performed magic together. It would’ve been totally awkward.”) I’m hoping Dale and Rusty mend their rift over the fellowship quickly, though — they make a good team, as evidenced by Dale’s excellent dressing-down of the pledges on Rusty’s behalf, complete with the word “behoove.”

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did you enjoy Greek‘s season premiere? How long will it be before the truth comes out about the fire? Will Calvin and Grant’s coming out break them up? And will you rally to save this show?

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Caren/ABC Family