It’s crazy how an actor’s acceptance speech can sometimes make more of a lasting impression than their award-winning role on the big screen. For those of us at home on our couches, the speeches can make or break an awards show. Golden Globes? Mo’Nique’s speech had me crying, then T-Bone Streep nailed it.

The Hollywood Reporter has some analysis of how speeches leading up to the Oscars can affect a nominee’s chances of winning an Academy Award — they single out the recent podium posturing by Christoph Waltz (whose thematic speeches kind of annoy me) and Sandra Bullock (who scores with charm, humor, and what looks like real, non-Hollywood love for her husband!?). I also find George Clooney to be that perfect blend of classy, funny, and respectful.

So, PopWatchers, your turn. What speeches have impressed you over the years? Sally Field’s old chestnut of “you like me”? Halle Berry’s tears? James Cameron’s “king of the world”? Mickey “If they ain’t got the balls” Rourke?

Who are you hoping wins at the Oscars this year just so you can see them speak? Meryl’s the top of my list!