At the end of tonight’s American Idol episode, Ryan Seacrest explained that Chris Golightly and “22 others” from the Los Angeles auditions scored Golden Tickets to Hell Week. And so, naturally, the producers chose to ignore said wealth of talent, showing only five successful auditions and instead choosing to focus on the sweaty, the sassy, and the possibly psychotic. There was time for other activities, too, like painting womankind with the ancient brush that tells us ladies who have a difference of opinion should be automatically labeled “catty”…by the likes of Ryan Seacrest. (Okay, okay, so Katy Perry bordered on vicious when facing off with Kara The Terrible. But Kara was perhaps more offensive for demanding this week’s guest judge should stand in lockstep with her voting choices just because neither one possesses a Y chromosome.) We also caught glimpses of season 6’s “crying girl” Ashley Furl and Project Runway contestant Daniel Franco during the course of the hour-long telecast — thanks to my hawk-eyed colleague Kate Ward for catching the latter — but I just wish we’d seen a few more Top 12 contenders, don’t you? On that note, I’m gonna get cracking on my full TV Watch recap (update: the article is now live on!), and until then, you can head to the comments section to share your impressions of tonight’s show, check out my week 2 American Idol Power list and a gallery of your favorite ‘bad’ auditions, then sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.