By Annie Barrett
Updated January 26, 2010 at 07:44 PM EST

ABBA makes me very happy in theory — like, the concept of ABBA and, in the right setting, their music — but I’ve been reading about ABBAWORLD, the new museum/theme park opening in London tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle it. You wander through 25 rooms (spread over 30,000 square feet) of memorabilia, replicas of a studio and a cabin, and “glass cases filled with spangly costumes in silk, satin, and spandex.” According to this story, “One corner holds the helicopter pictured on the cover of the 1976 album Arrival.” This is like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse for Swedish people. There are also…don’t click this if you are not interested in nightmares…FIGURINES. Particularly horrifying-but-hypnotic is the Live With ABBA On Stage! attraction, which features “a holographic illusion of the group for the audience to interact with.” Apparently it’s the world’s first live motion-capture interactive hologram in the form of a live karaoke concert. Cool! Creepy! I can picture myself getting on stage (pictured) and then, out of nowhere, suddenly acquiring a sense of pride and screaming “Illusions, Björn Ulvaeus! I don’t have time for your illusions!”

Oh who am I kidding? I watch Dancing With the Stars; I could totally handle ABBAWORLD. Could you?

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