By Wendy Mitchell
January 25, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Doc Jensen is down in the hatch busily preparing for the return of Lost on Feb. 2 — but he did send some smoke (monster) signals to point me to all the “burning questions that have to be answered in Season Six” posts floating around the Internet in recent days.

At SciFiWire, the 100 questions include “Who is Jacob?” “What’s going on with the pregnancies?” “What happened to Claire?” and “What are Widmore’s plans for The Island?”

At prominent fansite, The Myth of Lost author Marc Oromaner has three separate categories of Lost questions.

There is the obvious big question: What IS the Island? Other than that, I want to know: What is the smoke monster? Who built the statue? What’s up with the polar bears? And one slightly nitpicky question from season one, episode 10 that’s always bugged me: What did the psychic foresee for Claire’s baby (Aaron)? I got goosebumps watching that episode, and I still have no idea what Malkin saw — or, should we believe from Eko’s flashback that the psychic was a complete fraud and didn’t have a vision about Aaron? See, even raising one question brings up about 20 more.

So, now, over to you: What’s the burning question you need/want answered during the final season?

Photo credit: ABC