Forget the old song lyric — it turns out two is the loneliest number, at least for the “ladies” unlucky enough to find themselves on this season of The Bachelor. If tonight’s double disses are any indication, Jake isn’t going to back down from his new I’m-not-gonna-take-it-anymore strategy anytime soon. I won’t get into the spoilery, gory details here (click over to my detailed Bachelor TV Watch recap for that), but for those who have seen the episode, let me know what you think: Did you think Jake looked “rugged” in his flannel shirts? Are high heels appropriate on a camping date? Which blonde do you find most annoying: Ali, Ashleigh, or Vienna? And finally, were you shocked by who was sent home — and, more importantly, who wasn’t? I gotta hand it to the producers: They may have chosen the world’s most vanilla Bachelor, and they may not have done a great job picking women who are compatible with him, but they certainly haven’t skimped on the drama this season. Do you agree? P.S. Don’t miss the inside scoop on this week’s episode in Chris Harrison’s exclusive behind-the-scenes Bachelor blog on PopWatch.

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