Image Credit: Elisabeth Caren/ABC FamilyGreek returns to ABC Family tonight, and having already sneaked a peek at the season premiere, I can tell you that it’s worth tuning in. The not-so-guilty pleasure is in fine, frothy form, with its uncanny ability to wring genuine tension and high emotion from what sounds like so much fraternity/sorority silliness. In this case, that’s the aftermath of last season’s finale cliffhanger in which a joint frat prank went so wrong it got a few Kappa Taus expelled and wrecked Cappie and Evan’s fledgling friendship; and an attempt to prove cheating at Song Fest resulted in the accidental burning of Gamma Psi, with the ZBZ girls possibly responsible. All this, plus Cappie and Casey finally together!

Not only is it good, sunny fun (seriously, why is the weather always so nice on this Midwestern campus?), but it’s also in some danger of being canceled. (My sources at the show, in fact, tell me they’ve shot two season-enders just in case.) Viewers are starting a red-cup campaign to let ABC Family know how much they love the show. Of course, if you’ve ever loved the show, now is the time to tune in — and to get psyched for tonight’s premiere, check out their “cram session” video to catch up on all of last season’s action.

And note to ABC Family: Consider this post my red cup.

Thanks. Love, Jennifer.

Will you watch tonight, PopWatchers? Will you rally to save Greek?