Awards season buzz finally convinced me to see Crazy Heart this weekend, and judging by the packed theater, plenty of other people are seeking out this film before the Oscars. My EW colleagues gave both the movie and the soundtrack grades of B+, but for some reason, I’d been thinking that Jeff Bridges was the only reason to see it (and, hey, that should be reason enough.) For me, it turned out to be a great movie all around, and some of the movie’s songs sounded like instant classics (just like Bridges’ character Bad Blake said about how a great new song sounds like one you’ve heard many times). “The Weary Kind” is the theme song that’s winning the awards, but I loved “Fallin’ & Flyin’,” “Hold On You,” and “I Don’t Know” even more.

Here is a fan-made video of Bridges and Colin Farrell (who was great as the pretty-boy, new-country heartthrob) taping “Fallin’ & Flyin’” at a Toby Keith concert. Awesome, right? I want tickets to a Jeff Bridges-Colin Farrell concert now! Only if they are accompanied by one of the film’s songwriters, Ryan Bingham –- who played the singer in Bad’s first opening band shown in the film.

So, who else has seen Crazy Heart and were you also blown away by the music as much as by Jeff Bridges’ performance?

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