Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis. These are three actors that, in my humble opinion, can do no wrong, even if they’re starring in a remarkably sub-par movie. (Hello Along Came Polly, Lions for Lambs, and Nine!) But I would say most folks agree with me on those three. After all, collectively, they’ve picked up five Oscars.

So now it’s confession time: I’m ready to admit that there’s another actor that I’ve added to my do-no-wrong list. Are you ready? Brendan Fraser. Okay, before you start hurling tomatoes my way, try to hear me out here. I am in no way saying that the guy is the same caliber actor as Hoffman, Streep and Day-Lewis. In fact, there is not one performance of his that I would deem even remotely close to Oscar-worthy. But — as I mentioned in my review for the actor’s latest iffy film, Extraordinary Measures — dammit, I just can’t help but like the guy. Because, really, have you ever seen any actor commit so much to every horrible film he’s ever made? He could have easily sleepwalked through films like Measures, Blast From the Past, and Dudley Do-Right, but he didn’t. No,he made watching Pauly Shore bearable in Encino Man, revived what could be considered a tired character in the goofy George of the Jungle, and, jeez, he even agreed to fight with a cartoon primate in the horrible Monkeybone.

And don’t forget the fact that the guy has made some pretty great films as well: He’s shown his more sober side in School Ties, Crash, and Gods and Monsters. (See? What range!) And though many find it to be a silly, cliché action-adventure film, I will forever laud the greatness of The Mummy, which I can’t help but watch every time it comes on television. (And that includes yesterday’s showing on TNT.)

Now, who’s with me? Who else has an unabashed love for Brendan Fraser? And should I be embarrassed that I’ve seen every one of his horrible films? And for more on Fraser, check out Clark Collis’ 2009 profile of the actor.