The other late-night hosts addressed Conan O’Brien’s final Tonight Show each in his own unique way.

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots paid musical tribute to Conan from O’Brien’s old New York City studio:

Jimmy Kimmel proved once again that he’s terrific at the taped-bit stuff. He reedited Jay Leno’s lousy 1989 movie Collision Course, in which Leno played a cop partnered with Pat Morita, to make it look as though Conan was taking his revenge:

David Letterman usually tapes his Friday show earlier in the week, and I assume that was the case this week. He limited himself to a few Leno jokes and then said there was going to be a sequel to the 1996 HBO movie The Late Shift, about Leno winning The Tonight Show over Dave. The new Late Shift 2 looked like this:

Craig Ferguson, too, pre-tapes his Friday editions, and The Late Late Show pretty much avoided the late-night wars last night to devote his show to a salute to MythBusters, a show he loves because “it’s about blowing stuff up, which is awesome!”

Ferguson said this was also NBC’s philosophy: “‘This is working,'” he said, assuming the corporate voice of NBC and referring to Conan’s Tonight Show, “‘so blow it up!'” It was great. I hope you watched it.

Did you see any of these guys last night?

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