Hurray! There does indeed seem to be life after reality television for the worthy and able. Let us put our proud, fiercely fashionable hands together for Project Runway season 4 castmates Christian Siriano and Chris March, who nearly made me weep with nutty fan pride last weekend when they dressed two ravishing divas for the Golden Globes. Siriano wrapped voluptuous Mad Men beauty Christina Hendricks in a cocoon of ruffled peach silk, while March made Best Actress winner (and perennially brilliant woman) Meryl Streep look stunning in a drapey black gown that showed off her lovely neck and shoulders. Of the two, I have to give it up for Meryl’s look. I adore Christina Hendricks and don’t think she’s ever made a red carpet blunder (hello! she’s hot!), but richer colors suit her better than pastels. In any case, Meryl just looked so very regal and elegant — a veritable reine du cinéma. Plus, that belt! Such a boldly magnifique move! So unexpected!

The boys’ success with these ladies got me thinking about other possible collaborations between Runway alums and stars. What would Uli Herzner design for, say, Amy Poehler? Or Korto Momolu for Chloë Sevigny? (After her Globes’ gown, girl could use some tips, for sure!) And for something completely off-the-wall … Laura Bennett and Lady Gaga?

Who’s your dream match-up? (And if you haven’t already, please do check out my recap of last night’s Runway episode.)

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