''This Is It,'' ''Just Kids,'' and ''Greek'' are among the top 10 list of things we loved this week

1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It on DVD
The excellent King of Pop doc heads to DVD with 100 minutes of extras, including a cool new video for ”Smooth Criminal” that edits Jackson into vintage clips with Humphrey Bogart.

2. Just Kids, by Patti Smith
A host of bohemian luminaries from Janis Joplin to William S. Burroughs swirl through Smith’s beautifully wrought book about starting out in New York City during the late ’60s and early ’70s and her relationship with her onetime lover and creative soul mate, the late, great photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

3. iSamJackson app
Outfit your iPhone with a soundboard of audio nuggets from the ever-quotable Samuel L. Jackson. (Available in clean and naughty versions, naturally.)

4. First-person Tetris
This online game is just like the classic, with one big exception: Instead of rotating the puzzle pieces, you rotate the entire screen. (firstpersontetris.com)

5. Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould on Modern Family
It’s true, their parents may get more screen time. But it’s the ABC sitcom’s youngest cutups — pint-size philosopher Manny (Rodriguez, above middle) and mop-haired troublemaker Luke (Gould, above right) — who complete this absurd Family circle.

6. ”Whataya Want From Me” video, Adam Lambert
In the clip for his second single, Glambert strips down (emotionally, perverts!), bringing both vulnerability and ferocity to the soaring power ballad co-penned by fellow outré pop star Pink.

7. A Little Night Music on Broadway
Stars Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta-Jones (above) add some dazzle?like Zeta-Jones’ powerhouse rendition of ”Send in the Clowns” — to the hit stage production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical.

8. Bloodroot, by Amy Greene
A Smoky Mountain native, Greene paints a vivid picture — complete with spot-on dialect and sweeping imagery — in her novel about a Tennessee family plagued by a curse.

9. ”Parks and Recreation is the Wu-Tang of comedy”
Don’t believe us? Then check out this clip on Funny or Die that looks at what might have been…had RZA (above) managed to snag the lead on the NBC sitcom instead of Amy Poehler.

10. Greek on ABC Family
We’re still swooning over the coupling of Casey and Cappie (Spencer Grammer and Scott Michael Foster, left), but when the drama returns Jan. 25, the impending intrigue over the SongFest scandal, frat pranks gone wrong, and that accidental sorority-house fire should snap us out of it. In the best way possible.

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