After nine seasons of American Idol, it’s not always easy to sit through the boob-boxers and accordion players and Gimmicky Gerties of the world as we wait for the revelatory powers of a Frenchie Davis or a David Cook or a Melinda Doolittle. (Apologies to @mdoolittle for foolishly leaving her off my 15 Best Idol Auditions countdown…but I digress.) So consider this week’s Idolatry — with my world-class cohost Jessica Shaw — as a bridge that leads from Chicago/Orlando straight to the Top 12. Yes, folks, on this week’s show, Jessica and I dish the vocal prowess of Jermaine Purifoy, the toned bottom end of John Park, and the restorative powers of a guest-judging stint by Shania Twain. Fret not, we also rage against the reigning disappointment of Kara DioGuardi and the two bazillion percent of nonsense served up by Randy Jackson. After all, Idol is often as much about rage as it is joy, about tears of happiness as tears of despair. So press play below, then leave your feedback in the comments section below. Oh, and for all my up-to-zee-second musings about Idol, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! (Also, click here if you missed last week’s Idolatry season premiere, and click here for my Orlando audition recap.)