Burn Notice is back, and in an episode written by creator Matt Nix, the show was full of the Michael Weston spay-craft trickery and amusing voiceover narration that makes this series distinctive and snappy.

The client plot involved an “insurance scammer” for whom Michael adopted a good old boy accent and “precision driving” skills — i.e., Michael bashing bad guys gleefully. It’s a minor pleasure, sure, but I haven’t enjoyed a TV car chase as good as this one in a long time.

The night’s draw was supposed to be guest star Tyne Daly in a stunt-casting mini-Cagney & Lacey reunion. The plot called for Sharon Gless’ Madeline to get some info our heroes needed from Daly’s grouchy City Records office employee. These two can apparently slip back into their nice ‘n’ loose conversational style with ease, and were charming in their brief scenes.

Still, I mean it as praise to the show itself to say that their reunion it was overshadowed by a plot so good, it didn’t need the stunt-casting. The second half of the season has now set in motion what looks like one of the best Michael-got-burned subplots thus far (and you know how we’ve been burned by those in the past). This one, involving an unseen character named Gilroy (you’ll meet him next week), had the benefit of throwing off the great Michael Weston himself. He’s not sure what Gilroy is up to, but he knows he’s the next step in getting free of his burn notice.

I was pretty much completely charmed. How about you?

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