Mo'Nique, Drew Barrymore, and Coachella made pop culture news this week

· Mo’Nique is precious — and we mean that in the best way.
· Meet the new cast of Cougar Town: Zachary Levi and Phyllis Smith. We approve!
· Game Change.Love the book. Can’t wait for a movie. How about Dennis Quaid playing John Edwards?
· A busy weekend for Sandra Bullock’s lips (see: The Critics’ Choice Awards)
· Coachella lineup announced: A weekend in sunny California, plus music from Jay-Z, Thom Yorke, and a Pavement reunion? Sign us up!

· Drew Barrymore, congratulations on your Golden Globe, but why is there a hedgehog on your shoulder?
· Jon Lovitz appears on The Bachelor and resuscitates his career. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
· After Paranormal Activity murders Saw VI at the box office, the Paranormal Activity sequel signs up the director of… Saw VI. Now that’s a plot twist we didn’t see coming.
· Katharine McPhee, please take your new blond hair and go away. That is, until they’re ready to make The House Bunny 2.

· Marion Cotillard collaborates with Franz Ferdinand on a new song called ”You Hated My Voice in Nine, But I Don’t Care.”
· The worst trend ever: beards on Jeff Bridges, Brad Pitt, and William Hurt
· January Jones & Jeremy Piven: And here we thought she hit rock bottom with her Saturday Night Live performance.
· Heidi Montag: Behold Ivana Trump, your Ghost of Christmas Future.
· Kristin Chenoweth: You’re adorable, but not when you’re telling fart jokes…while hosting an awards show.
· If you put a stamp on Kate Hudson dress at the Golden Globes, you’d be able to send her through the U.S. Postal Service.