With box office numbers adjusted for inflation, James Cameron's $500+ million grossing event film is only the 34th biggest in history

At $504.9 million (in domestic gross) and counting, Avatar may well be on track to pass Titanic as the top grosser of all time. But that picture looks very different when you adjust box office numbers for ticket-price inflation — suddenly, the Na’vi plummet to No. 34 (just a few notches above Pinocchio). So who makes this top 10?

1. Gone With the Wind
$1.49 billion*

2. Star Wars
$1.31 billion

3. The Sound of Music
$1.05 billion

4. E.T.
$1.04 billion

5. The Ten Commandments
$963 million

6. Titanic
$943 million

7. Jaws
$941 million

8. Doctor Zhivago
$912 million

9. The Exorcist
$813 million

10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
$801 million

* Domestic Gross, Adjusted For Inflation, According to Box Office Mojo