Rebounding from controversy, the ''American Idol'' runner-up's newest video debuts a more subdued, glitter-free look

Looks like Glambert’s gotten a bit less, well, glam. After his infamous American Music Awards performance and the crazy video for his first single, ”For Your Entertainment,” the American Idol runner-up has debuted a more subdued look for the release of his latest video, ”Whataya Want From Me,” and his Jan. 19 Oprah appearance. Gone is the snake. The shoulder spikes. The glitter. (Though the guyliner hasn’t gone anywhere.)

Lambert’s career has been ripe for a course correction. Aside from the controversy, the 27-year-old’s debut album hasn’t lived up to expectations, selling just 457,000 copies. ”The first single really didn’t get a fair shake because of what happened on the AMAs,” says Rob Morris, program director at Minneapolis’ KDWB. But ‘Whataya Want From Me’ is doing really well.” Of course, the single’s budding success (it’s No. 65 on Billboard‘s Hot 100) stems from more than just his recently restrained wardrobe — the catchy track, co-written by Pink, is simply more marketable than the first. And, for the record, a rep for Lambert says the make-under is due only to the melancholy nature of the song he’s pushing: ”Everything Adam does caters to the lyrics of the songs.” In that case, will we see the spiky and sparkly Lambert again anytime soon? ”Oh, yeah,” says the singer’s rep. Then again, that probably depends on what audiences really want from the singer.