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U2’s the Edge attended last weekend’s Golden Globes ceremony, where the band was up for a Best Original Song award for “Winter,” their contribution to Afghanistan war drama Brothers. (The trophy ended up going to Crazy Heart‘s “The Weary Kind.”) We caught up with the guitarist on the red carpet to get the scoop on U2’s planned follow-up to last year’s No Line on the Horizon. —Interview by Nicholas White

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How’s the new U2 music going?

THE EDGE: We are working on a lot of new songs. Some of them are really, really happy. We’re convinced that we have something really special. It’s like deciding whether we are going to release the album before the tour starts or leave it for a while, we don’t really know yet. Literally, within a day of getting off the road, Bono and I were working on new songs. On a roll.

Are you incorporating any electronic influences?

We try and keep things moving forward. We are experimenting with a lot of different arrangements, and electronic is one of the things we are playing with. But there are other songs that are very traditional, almost folk. In some ways, that’s the thing we haven’t figured out yet, is where this album is going to end up. We’re having fun with the process.

What’s it like being nominated for a Golden Globe?

It’s a great honor to be nominated for the movie [Brothers], because I really believe it is one of the more important movies to come out over the last couple years. Tobey Maguire is also nominated. There are many reasons why this should be awarded. It’s kind of humbling to be the one that is nominated. [Director] Jim Sheridan is a close friend of ours and showed us the script. Then we saw various rough cuts. It was a very intimate relationship we had going with Jim on the creative side of it.

Are you feeling competitive about the award?

I have no expectations today. I don’t think we have a particularly good shot at winning, but you never know.

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Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images