Ryan Reynolds, you’re making me sweat. And for once, it’s not because of your ab-licious self. Nope, it’s because of the new trailers for your Sundance flick, Buried. (See one embedded below; click here for the other.) In the film, Reynolds plays a contract driver in Iraq who’s buried alive in a coffin with no memory of how he got there. As Sundance’s website describes the film: “Faced with limited oxygen and unlimited panic, Paul finds himself in a tension-filled race against time to escape this claustrophobic deathtrap before it’s too late.”

So why am I sweating? Well, as someone who hates dark, closed-in spaces, the phrase “claustrophobic deathtrap” is slightly unnerving. Yet, after seeing the trailers, I can only hope the film makes its way past the film festival. After all, it’s rare that we get to see Reynolds play a role without a wink and sparkle in his eye.

Tell me, PopWatchers, would you see Buried? Anyone else have a physical reaction to the trailers?