By Michael Ausiello
Updated January 21, 2010 at 08:07 PM EST
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I see another heart attack in Senator McCallister’s future.

Rob Lowe is departing Brothers & Sisters later this season, the actor’s spokesperson confirms.

According to Deadline Hollywood, which first broke the news, Lowe felt he was being underutilized on the ABC drama and asked to be released from his contract. The network granted his request and he’ll leave at the end of the season.

Deadline is also reporting that ABC wants to remain in business with Lowe and is talking to him about headlining his own series.

There’s no word how B&S plans to write out Lowe’s dreadfully boring character, but a Robert-Kitty divorce seems the likeliest scenario given the couple’s recent marital woes. Either that or his ticker finally gives out.

Which scenario would you prefer? And will you miss him? Sound off below!

Photo Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

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