I find myself unable to function properly unless I’m watching an hour-long drama in the 10:00 slot (either live or on DVR) – a comedy doesn’t work then for me, nor does a talk show (duh) or reality TV. Maybe I need something heavy to think about to help me wind down. Last night, in fact, I personally time-shifted NBC’s 9 p.m. rerun of SVU and watched at 10. It was the fantastic episode, “Sugar” (teaser below), starring Eric McCormack as the owner of a sleazy Internet company. And all those twists and (spoiler alert) the very blood-gushing ending reminded me why I love this show so much. And ol’ original Law & Order has been great lately, too (love the combo of Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson, and S. Epatha Merkerson).

Who else is excited for more L&O? And is there anyone else that can only watch a drama at 10 p.m.?