This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features a profile of randy new pop star Ke$ha (see an exclusive portrait from the photo shoot), who recently overtook Susan Boyle at the top of the charts and has generally been blowing up the music scene like she’s Lady Gaga in 2009. If you know anything about the budding pop princess, you know this: She’s not lacking in the personality department. Ke$ha always has something to say, and it’s usually kinda crazy. So we thought we’d treat you to all the juicy, leftover tidbits from our interview with her. Little gems like how she gets frisky while text messaging and Twittering, her hatred of “celebretards,” and how she wouldn’t want to meet Jay-Z in a rap-off. Enjoy below!

On the glitter around her right eye: “If I smear glitter on my face, you don’t have a choice—you will be more attracted to me. It’s part of our brand makeup. So anyway, then I started thinking, why just do my eyes? Why not my entire body? And at the end of my shows why don’t I put a backpack on that’s like a hand-held cannon and blast glitter at people? So not only do I look attractive, but so does everybody who’s dancing? It’s kind of like become my thing.”

On providing vocals for Flo Rida’s smash single “Right Round”: “I didn’t get credit, I didn’t get paid. Honestly, I walked into the studio and there was Flo Rida and Dr. Luke doing the song, and I was like, ‘I’ll just sing on it. I’m just happy you like my voice enough to put me on your song.’ I believe in karma, so if I’m not a douchebag about that, it’ll just come back to me. So it’s like, ‘You know what, if you don’t want to pay me, it’s fine. I’m excited to have my voice on the radio.'”

On her relationship with her former marching bandmates from high school: “I get text messages all the time. And they were all such bitches, so now I’m like, Eat it! I save their numbers to prank later.”

On people thinking that she runs around with the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie: “Oh, gross! I’m from the opposite of that. Do you think that those girls dig through the garbage for their clothes? That’s what I’m saying. And, you know, would they live in a house with 10 people that they’ve never met, you know? And would they be OK if they never came home for four days and just went to Vegas on a whim? Like, would they never wear high heels when they go out so they can run from the cops? Very different.”

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On being poor before making it big: “The whole dollar sign thing is so ironic, because I was so broke. Literally would go to this bar in L.A. called the Gold Room, and you get a shot of tequila and a beer for five bucks and free tacos. So me and my friends would go there almost every night. Because we were so broke. We were like, where else can you get a beer, a shot of tequila, and tacos—like, you’re fed. We just lived there.”

On her personal style: “I do have a stylist who helps me shop, because I don’t have time to shop. But I’ll be like, I want leopard pants. And she gets me these. I’m just like this forever. Go through my high school yearbooks—I always looked like a f—ing weirdo. So you know, and I made my own purple velvet pants, living in Brentwood, which is like the Bible Belt. And no one would talk to me in middle school. My hair was purple. I got sent to the principal’s office in 8th grade. Like, 9th grade, stole my mom’s minivan, drove to Atlanta, snuck into Radiohead, front row.”

On all her drinking: “I’ll regret it in the morning—oh my God, I’ve lived that so many times. It’s just honest. There are probably, like, periods of time I was drinking too much. But I’m honest about it. You know what? Hate me for it if you want to. I’m not saying I’m the perfect role model. But I’m honest. Period.”

On the silliness of “celebretards”: “You see celebretards throwing around cash like it’s cool, and to me, I think it’s gluttonous and I think it’s gross, and I think it’s unnecessary, and I really think the whole world really needs to get ahold of that. Excessiveness is gross. It’s not glamorous to me. I think it’s sexier to me see somebody who’s just confident, not someone who wants a name-brand $700 bag.”

On her favorite drink: “I’m definitely a whiskey girl. Jim Beam or Jack. I’m southern.”

On brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels: “Literally, all I could find when I woke up in the morning in Vegas in the bathtub was Jack. It’s at least a disinfectant, so let’s go there.”

On her drunk-texting habit: “I’m the worst. And then Twitter happened! Because now it’s drunk Twitter, and that goes out to the world. That’s not just one person, that’s like public humiliation. But when I get tipsy, I get really frisky. I have before, then I banned myself. Now I know, if I ever get kind of drunk, the phone goes away. I give it to a friend.”

On who she thinks her competition is: “Honest to god, and I’m not just saying this as a cop-out, I don’t believe in that kind of energy. I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that’s all you’re going to get back.”

On whether she’s embracing the pop-star trend of bisexuality: “I’m sure you gathered this by now: I just do what I want. Have I made out with chicks? Hell yeah. Did I think it was awesome? Hell yeah. I wouldn’t call myself bi. Like, if I didn’t eat meat for a week, it doesn’t make me a vegetarian. So I like people, and that’s just it. I like people.”

On her burgeoning gay audience: “First of all, the gay community are some of the most faithful fans. Loyal, so loyal. And they’re just really up for a good time! Like, I’ve never got questioned by a gay man or a woman about my love of dancing, love of partying, love of having fun, love of a good time. A lot of the gay community just embraces pop for what it is, which is fun. And they’re not afraid to enjoy it. They’re just hungry for new, fresh stuff. Which a lot of, no offense, a lot of straight men are just lazy.

On old flame Stephen, who she pines for in the song “Stephen” from her album: “We hooked up like twice. He was like the only guy on the planet who would just not give me the time of day. I did not understand why. I would try so hard, I would look so hot, I would make outfits for the next time I would see him in two weeks. It was so psychotic! I would drive by his work, I would drive by his house. So psycho! But he’s this loser! He’s just this loser who wouldn’t call me. But you want what you can’t have!”

On her cure for a hangover: “A mojito. I don’t know. Honestly: glitter. It fixes everything. Just put some more glitter on.”

On Miley Cyrus, who recorded her song “The Time of Our Lives”: “I never really had an opinion either way about her until I met her and she recorded my song. And that girl can sing! And I have mad respect for how much s— she gets for being so young and has such a good attitude. So I totally support her.”

On whether there is nefarious video out there that could surface in the future: “Oh, sex? No. I’m so not a slut. No. No, no, no. No sex tapes. I mean, there might be a tape of me kicking a parking meter, but like…I just get stupid. A lot of people, and you can attest to this now since we’ve hung out, but it’s not me being messed up, I kind of just always act like this. People always think I’m drunk or messed up. I’m not. I just am a little bit out of my mind.”

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