The fun of a director’s cut, of course, is being able to watch an elongated version of one of your favorite films, and constantly wonder, “Why did [insert director name here] take that scene out?!” (One of the most egregious cuts in my opinion: Christopher Guest cutting “This Bulging River” from his finalized version of Waiting for Guffman. Why, oh why?!)

Well, even before you see all the director’s cuts of this year’s most celebrated films, you’ll get some answers to that question, thanks to the L.A. Times’ “Envelope Roundtable.” The media outlet gathered some of this year’s award-worthy directors — James Cameron, Jason Reitman, Quentin Tarantino, Kathryn Bigelow, and Lee Daniels — to chat about their films and careers. This is one interesting clip from the roundtable, in which the five discuss the scenes they cut from their acclaimed films.

One common thread between all the slashed scenes? They all seemed to be cherished by the directors. (Well, except for a seemingly ill-advised dream sequence from Up in the Air.) But even if the subject matter of this clip doesn’t interest you, you should check it out anyway: The awkward tension between Bigelow and Cameron — who, at one point, teases his ex-wife about her low budget for The Hurt Locker — is simply too good to miss.

Tell me, PopWatchers, if you had the five directors in one room together, what would you ask them? And what, in your opinion, was the most egregious cut scene from a film?

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