On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed Dick Ebersol, NBC Universal’s Chairman of Sports and Olympics, who’s come under fire for describing soon-to-be-ex Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien as “chicken-hearted and gutless” and “an astounding failure.” Ebersol gave Colbert an official NBC Olympics sweater vest and invited him to deliver a special report to Bob Costas on the most important speedskating night, Feb. 17, as Colbert will be in Vancouver covering the Games. Did Ebersol have a title in mind for Colbert as part of the NBC team, he wondered? “Because I kind of like ‘host of The Tonight Show,’ Colbert suggested. He continued: “I’m just saying…right now, it’s like there’s gonna be no pope. When’s the smoke gonna come out of NBC to let us know what’s going on?” Ebersol was visibly uncomfortable, then shot back, “Where were you several months ago when an opening was about to happen?” (Seriously?) “Drunk,” Colbert replied.

Don’t miss FIRE ON ICE: Colbert’s race against speedskating nemesis Shani Davis. It’s hilarious and not just because Colbert can’t skate and is swathed in sequins. Winner got the last spot on the Olympic team….

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