I’m not too much of a bookmark person. I tend to just do that whole fold-the-page-in thing that seems logical at the time that you’re doing it, but never really seems to work. (You would think I would change my methods after an embarrassing number of times when I’ve been being forced to riffle through 200-some pages to find my spot.)

But now, I might have to adapt after seeing these adorable bookmarks by a graphic designer named Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy. (A hat-tip to the blog at New York-based design studio Swissmiss for spotting this.) Inspired by some of the classics, you can get a bookmark attached to a book jacket that holds your spot with a cut-out of, for example, a submarine telescope (Nautilus), a pipe (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s prince (The Little Prince).

My personal favorite has to be the bookmark inspired by Moby-Dick (how cute is that water spout?!), but I would refrain from purchasing the Shot bookmark if you plan on entering a bank at any point in time.

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