On last night’s Cougar Town, everyone had a bunch of sex and most of them shared a bunch of feelings and it was all so touching that I now have this weird bite mark on my knee. Ellie threw “Mr. McNeedy” a bone, Travis took time out from hanging with his country music superstar guy friends to camp out with his twiggy girlfriend Kylie, Laurie slept with Grayson again (“It was raining! And REO Speedwagon rocks so hard!”), and Jules “used Bobby like a sexual get well card” to get over Scott Foley. In the process, nearly all of the characters poked their heads out from their protective curtains of quippy sarcasm to be honest about their feelings. Travis told Kylie how glad he was that his first time was with her, and that HE LOVED HER OMG. Ellie offered Andy a rare nugget of appreciation by telling him she relaxes when he walks in the door — and yet he still apologized for his nonexistent “tude” and guessed incorrectly that her long boring speech would end with sex. As for Jules and Bobby — who’s really grown on me as a viable character, by the way, and could maybe fill in as the heart of the show should something ever happen to Busy Philipps’ rack — Jules loves Bobby but not in that way anymore. “We’re just not gonna end up back together again.” Oh, god! Did you guys see his face as he hopefully suggested she take some time to reconsider? This marks two episodes in a row in which Jules has turned down what could have been a stable relationship with someone who’s really into her. Is she really destined to be with Grayson, her “someday guy”? Even if he continues to be, according to Laurie, the only man who gets less sexy when he plays guitar? Discuss in the comments; meanwhile, my 10 favorite moments….

–Jules “drinking” M&Ms like coffee

–Another excellent Jules spin on post-breakup consumption, this time re: white wine: “Mix in some Kool-aid and make it pink. I’ve still got some white trash in me.” Great idea, and I say not trashy. Or fine, trashy but whatever.

–The audio/visual combination of Jules telling Bobby, “It’s nice out here in the rain,” as the camera panned out to the parking lot to show the boat called Jealous Much? in all its land-lubbing glory

–Cut from Jules being glad she hasn’t woken up to someone she barely knows to Laurie in bed with Grayson, yelling “THIS IS THE WORST MORNING EVER!”

MVP of the Night: “Well, well, well.” It’s Barb, re: Bobby: “He’s kind of like an old security blanket. Short, kind of frayed around the edges, but still nice to wrap around your face.”

–Laurie, to Grayson: “You defiled me last night. What, that’s not a good thing? I’ve been using that word wrong, like, forever.”

–Travis: “I was late, so I ran off.” Andy: “Welcome to the brotherhood of men.”

–Bobby, to Jules and Travis during an adult conversation about the importance of telling a woman how amazing she is: “Is this a riddle?” “What woman?”

–Two tiny moments that count as one: Ellie’s “Be weirder” to Laurie after she displayed intense sexual attraction to a pinecone, and Jules’ instant “All right!” to let Ellie know she was two steps ahead after Ellie instructed her to put on elastic pants.

–Jules: “I don’t like the onions; I just like the fried circles.” Sidenote: I know I’m nuts and maybe this is because I watched two episodes of Arrested Development last night, but I detected a lot of Bluthiness in this week’s Cougar Town. That plate of Fried Excess at the cheesy American chain restaurant reminded me of Fat Ammy’s in Wee Britain, and Ellie yelled “NO TOUCHING” in Jules’ kitchen, and Grayson asked Bobby in the bar if he’d ever said to himself, “Hey, here’s a thought I shouldn’t verbalize,” which made me think of Michael suggesting to Tobias, “You go buy a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you’ll be surprised at some of your phrasing.” No? Crazy? Well, at least I saved it for last.

What was your favorite moment last night?

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