I’m trying to figure out why Burn Notice returning tonight (USA, 10 p.m. ET, following an all-day marathon) makes me this happy. It could be because the only person who likes a mojito more than me Slezak or Annie is Bruce Campbell’s Sam. Or because I want to start eating yogurt as a snack instead of whatever I find in Annie’s candy dish and Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) make it look so appetizing. Or, because, as a friend once told me, “That show gives me a false sense that I could get out of a hostage situation. Fantastic.” I think it’s that last one.

Burn Notice is the perfect combination of everything I want in a TV show: Smart characters, sexual tension, wisecracks, a grown man who can handle any situation but his mother (the fabulous Sharon Gless), and firepower. There’s an ongoing mystery — who burned spy Michael, and what does he have to do to get his job back — but a new “client” that he, Sam, and Fi help in every episode. It’s so much fun that it feels like it should be a guilty pleasure, but when you’re “learning” tricks of the spy trade through Michael’s voiceovers, it can’t possibly be one. Right?

Who else is psyched for Burn Notice‘s return? Reminder: Head over to Ken Tucker’s TV blog tomorrow where he’ll weigh in on tonight’s episode, which reunites Gless with her Cagney & Lacey costar Tyne Daly.

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