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Just Monday, I blah-blah-blahed into cyberspace that I would love it if some weirdo with a dream and a corporate card would special-order a Kate Hudson Golden Globes Dress Cake for an upcoming episode of Ace of Cakes. And suddenly, poof! Sound of an electric mixer! There’s this cake wedding dress on the internet. They turned the CAKE into a DRESS instead of the other way around. I’ve seen dress-cakes before but never on this scale. How does she pee? My mind is blown and I need some insulin. So forget cake-centric televison; clearly this needs to be a challenge on Project Runway.

Are you in or are you out? Also, which recent famous-lady frock would you like to see in cake form? Actually, upon a closer inspection, I now think Diane Kruger’s Globes gown was actually an ice cream cake. Drew Barrymore’s lacked volume, but it’s a good color for icing, and decorative sea urchins would seem more appropriate atop a cake than on a dress…

More photos of Lukka Sigurdardottir’s cake/dress design at Gather and Nest [via BridePop]. It’s a full-on mosaic up in there!

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