Michael Jackson's This Is It, Michael Jackson | DANCING MACHINE The King works his magic in Michael Jackson's This Is It
Credit: Kevin Mazur

When Michael Jackson died last June, the tabloids went to town dishing about how frail and tired he’d become in his final days. Well, you’d never guess any of that after watching Kenny Ortega’s moving memorial, Michael Jackson’s This Is It, cobbled together from hours of rehearsal footage. This is the King of Pop as most of us choose to remember him — a tireless perfectionist still hitting impossibly high notes and dancing with Swiss-clock precision. If there’s a darker story left on Ortega’s cutting-room floor, it didn’t make it into the 100 minutes of EXTRAS, either. Instead, there’s a peek at the garish costumes the star was planning to wear on stage, the brutal Chorus Line-esque backup-dancer tryouts, and an awesomely over-the-top video for ”Smooth Criminal” that edits Jackson into classic movie scenes with Bogie and Rita Hayworth. A-