After a Tuesday-night audition episode from Chicago that played more like an America’s Got Talent gag reel, American Idol got back to the business of finding the nation’s next singing superstar tonight with a tunefully terrific hour of action from Orlando, FL. The good singers (handsome fella belting “Smile,” gorgeous chick trilling “House of the Rising Sun,” just to name two) were very, very good, while the questionable Golden Ticket-getters displayed enough personality to justify the judges’ decisions. And best of all, the “hey, mom! look how annoying I had to be to get on the tee-vee!” freakshows were kept to a merciful minimum. I’m so happy, I decided to write a celebratory ditty to the tune of the CCR/Tina Turner classic “Proud Mary.” Click here for musical accompaniment (if you want to sing along from home), then check back in the early morning for my full TV Watch recap (UPDATE: Click over to read my full Idol Orlando auditions recap now.) Oh, and if you’re looking to waste a little time before bed, check out our gallery of the 15 Best Idol Auditions Ever, as well as my colleague Kate Ward’s post on the Chicago auditioner who once had a recording contract with Jive Records! And, of course, post your thoughts about tonight’s episode in the comments below, after you sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

Eleven damn good auditions

Packed into a one-hour episode

Not even a sad guy dragged off in handcuffs

Could send it all into the ‘ole commode

Big Simon make it happen

Shrill Kara keep on yappin’,

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ onto Hell Week.