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Having just caught up on the last of’s extensive Golden Globes 2010 coverage, I’m left with two wishes: A running feed of merciless (in content) yet gentle (in tone) Ricky Gervais commentary to let me know what I’m doing wrong all day, and a week or two of vacation to see everything I should have already seen in the past few months. This year’s post-Globum depression has me feeling particularly worthless for not tuning into Dexter this season, now that Michael C. Hall (left) and John Lithgow both took home acting statues, and I also can’t believe I haven’t seen that beautiful mind Jeff Bridges (right) in Crazy Heart, instead sitting around watching repeats of 30 Rock over and over and over in my non-Slanket jammies. Okay, I can totally believe that. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with it. (Three more seconds to choose your knife, Barrett!)

My over-ambitious long shot for the next week is to catch best foreign film winner The White Ribbon on a quiet, wintry weeknight in NYC. We all know that’s not gonna happen. Have you seen how much crappy TV is new this week?

What did the Golden Globes inspire you to finally watch — or to avoid?

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