This Taiwanese news program’s Sims-stye explanation of the NBC late-night wars is amazing. Trust me: Stick with the whole video. It goes from funny-strange to transcendentally amazing about halfway through:

This adds a whole new level of meta entertainment to Jay vs. Conan, doesn’t it, PopWatchers?

Update: Translation below!Friend-of-PopWatch Marilyn provided us with a translation of the voice over:

“American NBC channel late night news man Jay Leno hosted his show for a long time while Conan O’Brien hosted the later program. Everything worked perfectly under one channel until NBC executive Jeff Zucker wanted to make the most out of both shows. It was decided to move Leno’s program to 10pm, which is considered a very critical and important time slot. Conan then took over Leno’s spot. NBC presumed they would most assuredly gain ratings/money and never considered the possibility of any losses. However, the original viewers were not responding well to these changes. Leno’s ratings were terrible in the 10pm time slot and Conan wasn’t able to maintain many viewers either. NBC executives wanted to save/help as soon as possible by moving Leno’s program back to a later time slot which would have then overlapped with other programs and ultimately shifted the entire late night news itinerary. Conan wrote a public letter regarding his concerns and feels that things should be left as they are. Both Conan and Leno are angry and these changes will also affect the Jimmy Kimmel show. Now all three late night news men are dissatisfied and NBC late night viewers are coming together to rally. With each day, there are more and more people/viewers involved. NBC is attempting to negotiate with Conan and have offered him upwards of 30 million dollars to return to the network for another year.”