Alright everybody, take a deep breath. Now again. Okay, lets move on shall we. Hope you got the chance to watch Carrie Ann Inaba and me Sunday on TV Guide Network covering the red carpet for the Golden Globes. A big thanks to all the stars who stopped by to chat with us. Now lets talk Bachelor!

The girls were not at all happy that Vienna got the first one-on-one date this week. But it was when she came home with a rose that the trouble really began. I’ll get to that in just a bit. The first stop they made was Jake’s house. If it looked a little familiar that’s because that was Jason’s house as well. I know it’s not his and I know it only happens on TV but when a helicopter picks you up for a date, that’s just awesome. It was clear on the show that Jake and Vienna didn’t want to bungee jump but that didn’t really do justice to just how freakin’ terrified they really were. They were hyperventilating and it took about 20 minutes for them to decide to jump. We really thought they weren’t going to do it but in the end they gutted up and took the plunge. The instructors asked if they would do it again to which they both quickly said no! That had to be the most panic-stricken, torturous date we’ve ever had. I’d like to think they’re both better people because of overcoming their fears and all that psychological mumbo jumbo but I’m guessing all they got was the crap scared out of them. Jake and Vienna really hit it off but when Vienna came back with a rose it really set the girls off. She so alienated herself that all the other girls literally moved out of her room. She joked about how much she liked having her own room but it really did bother her. She really didn’t understand why everybody turned against her.

Next came the group date to the comedy club — or as Jake likes to call it, the day from hell. Tenley turned herself into a human pretzel (she was always doing this around the house as well). It was really strange to see Ashleigh so nervous and terrified. I chalk it up to her intense fear of Jon Lovitz developed as a child watching Saturday Night Live (I may have made that last part up). The comedy was pretty bad but not nearly as bad as the emotional mess that was the after party. It seemed like Jake was dealing with one crying woman after another. By the time he got to Michelle he had clearly had enough. I was proud to see Jake call her bluff. Sending her home was a big turning point in this show. Up to that point the girls thought Jake might be too nice to send anybody home from a date. This really kicked things up a notch and the women were extremely impressed. The girls clearly made a pact to tell Jake their feelings about Vienna but he really wished they would spend that time talking about themselves rather than somebody else.

Gia was one of the ladies who didn’t get a date this week. You didn’t get a chance to see this but she was much more concerned about Ella getting time with Jake and she really didn’t make a big deal out of how disappointed she was. I thought that was very cool and showed a very caring side of her we hadn’t seen up to that point. It took a lot of work and planning but getting Ethan to surprise Ella on the date to Sea World was worth it. It’s really great to see a single mom like Ella that is so selfless, so caring, get a gift like that. Jake obviously loves kids and wants a family himself. He told me that was one of the most memorable dates of the season. For you Bachelor historians out there, I hope you enjoyed the irony of Ella mentioning Ryan and Trista on that date as they too had a date at Sea World during their season. I talked to Trista this week and she told me she still sleeps with the stuffed Shamu she got on that date. They went back to Sea World last year and now their little boy Max has a stuffed Shamu as well. I’m guessing one of the biggest surprises this week was seeing Elizabeth not get a rose and be sent home. Jake found that Elizabeth wasn’t just a tease but she was a confusing tease (deadly combo). She was such a confusing tease, she even confused herself. Jake didn’t have the time or patience for this and made a tough but good call following his heart.

Emotions are clearly running high in the house and you can say the same for Jake. The more the women see Jake step up and take control and show just how sincere he really is, the more the feelings and tension build. I hope you saw the tease for next week’s show as we hit the road for a drama-filled road trip and what turned out to be a wild rose ceremony. Before I leave you this week I do want to say I’m pretty upset about something and I think you know what that is. How could we go an entire episode and not hear ”On The Wings Of Love”? Just wanted to make sure I got that in your head again. Thank you for all the comments you’ve left this season. I’ve read just about all of them. Yes, all of them, good, bad, and some just downright mean but I love and respect them all just the same. You can always find me on Facebook and Twitter (@chrisbharrison).

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