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First things first: My apologies for missing my Big Bang Theory recap last week, fellow Big Bang Theorists. You can blame the amoebae that have taken up residence in my tummy and fell me but good last Monday night. (I’ll spare y’all any further description other than to relay that, stemming from my best guess for the complicated scientific names for the little buggers based on what my doctor told me, my boyfriend has decided to call the amoebae Butch and Nana. Sheldon would so not approve.) I was especially bummed that I didn’t get to commiserate with you about last week’s Big Bang, too, since a night out as Raj’s wingman brought out a delightfully unexpected flirtatious side of Sheldon Cooper — even if Sheldon himself was completely unaware that he was, in fact, flirting with a co-ed with a rather improbable fetish for super-hero merch. (As opposed to Sheldon’s completely probable fetish for super-hero merch.)

Last night’s episode continued the writers’ fearless trek into the hidden corners of Sheldon’s labyrinthine psyche, although this week’s discoveries weren’t really all that surprising: Sheldon and Leonard got robbed, and Sheldon completely flipped out. That was pretty much the entire episode, too — Sheldon’s reaction to getting robbed, and everyone else’s reactions to Sheldon getting robbed, even though Leonard’s stuff got robbed, too. Heck, Penny couldn’t even muster more than a sympathy glass of wine for her boyfriend’s plight; she saved her real aw-poor-Pooh-bear pity for Sheldon.

I’m not crazy — my mother had me tested!

Okay, Big Bang Theorists, what did you think of Sheldon’s post-robbery meltdown? Do you think Leonard’s becoming kinda irrelevant? (And do you care?) What would actually make up “mobster sauce”? And was there any doubt at all that Howard was the acquaintance?

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