Oprah paid homage this afternoon to the quirky appeal of Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert (and, thus, to the massive power of Simon Cowell-judged televised talent contests). Despite Boyle’s absurd sales figures (8 million worldwide!), though, it was clear who the Oprah demo’s favorite was: Boyle was off the stage after about 15 minutes — a performance and a quick video package/interview about how she used to be regular and frumpy and now she’s famous — to make way for Adam to chat with Oprah and repeatedly visit a Los Angeles Whole Foods in video segments. And though there were no new revelations (he’s still gay!), he did manage to entertain, as usual. Among the things we learned:

1. At his favorite L.A. rocker store, Forgotten Saints, he could actually find a vinyl jacket with furry tufts that he felt went “too far.” (Sadly, it is not available on their website.)

2. He met Madonna for “five minutes” because his guitarist is her guitar teacher, and in those five minutes he told her he was intimidated because he loves her. Her rejoinder: “So love equals intimidation to you?” Can’t you just totally hear her saying that in her faux British accent thing?

3. “Adam is like energy.” That is how 15-year-old Jessica — who shares her Lambert love with mom Sue — explained her fandom just before oh my god being totally surprised when he showed up to give them both passes to his dress rehearsal! Honestly, at this point, how are people still surprised when their dreams come true on Oprah? If I ever get a call from anyone remotely connected to this show, I expect my life to change. And I will be very angry if it doesn’t happen.

And in honor of Jessica and Sue, he sang “Whataya Want from Me” — a very mom-friendly tune, as evidenced by his understated brown jacket, modest eyeliner, and all the ladies of a certain age singing along in the audience.

Also, here’s “If I Had You”:

What about you, PopWatchers? What did you think of Adam (and Susan) on Oprah? Did that jacket really go too far? Is Adam like energy?