Well, whaddya know about that, Bachelor fans? Our little wife-seeking pilot may not be the overly-polite pushover he seemed to be at first glance. After last week’s episode — featuring that whole mess with Rozlyn — Jake seems to have changed for the better. (Here’s hoping it sticks!) No spoilers here (click over to tonight’s full Bachelor TV Watch recap for that), but suffice it to say that this week the Bachelor displays a much lower tolerance for crazy bachelorette crap than he has in the past. So what did you think of the less kind, less gentle Jake? Were you surprised about which ”ladies” got the boot? And would you rather jump off a bridge or perform stand-up comedy in front of an audience of strangers? (I think I’d rather drink bleach than do either… but that’s just me.) Post your thoughts now (and when you’re done, be sure to click over for Chris Harrison’s exclusive PopWatch blog)!

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