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This may not entirely appease House fans frustrated by Cameron’s abrupt exit earlier this season, but it’s bound to help: Jennifer Morrison’s imminent comeback, she hints, should give her character, and viewers, closure.

“The audience is going to get the information they were looking for,” says the actress, who declined to confirm the exact length or timing of her return except to tease that it occurs during a “really smart episode.”

As for the circumstances surrounding her surprising departure, Morrison is more forthcoming, eager to make it clear that the decision to leave was not hers. “I love the show, and I love [Cameron],” she insists. “Under no circumstances would I ever decide on my own to leave.”

So what happened? She recounts: Executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs “came to me as we were leading up to episode 8 — which is the episode where I left — and said, ‘This is where we see the show creatively going, and [we’re writing you out].’ And they very generously said, ‘We wanted to let you know so you knew you were available for other things, should they be offered.’ As far as I knew, there was nothing more.”

Opportunity ended up knocking on Morrison’s door soon after: She was cast in the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. And “right around the same time, [Shore and Jacobs] had an idea to [bring] some resolution to Cameron’s storyline. So very generously as well, the play has accommodated my missing some rehearsal time to do the show.”

And what about the future beyond the play, which will run at least through the spring? Although Morrison remains contractually bound to House next season, “I don’t believe that they have plans to pick up my option,” she confesses. “That does not mean I won’t be back for a handful of episodes, but it does mean I probably will not be a series regular next season.”

Naturally, looking back on her six-year run is bittersweet for her. But more sweet than bitter, it seems. “[Working on House has] been the most incredible blessing I could ever imagine,” she says. It’s been the most incredible people to work with and the most incredible character. But I have to respect the producers’ ideas of where the story is going.”

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