Rob Lowe stopped by The Tonight Show last night to offer Conan O’Brien some comfort: “As someone who has left a celebrated NBC franchise myself… it can be done. Believe me, if my experience can you give you anything, it’s that in a couple of years, nobody will even remember The Tonight Show,” he said, “just like they don’t remember The West Wing.” Joking aside, the former Lyon’s Den star was able to empathize with the concept of recently getting screwed: In the clip below, Lowe talks about how James Van Der Beek cheated him out of a homerun at a celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium by allegedly pretending to catch a flyball that he didn’t. “So James Van Der Beek is a liar, is what you’re saying?” Conan asks. “He’s a liar, but a damn good actor,” Lowe answers. Best review Dawson has seen in years!

Lowe, who’d already filled Conan in on his passion for heliskiing to hilarious results, then asked Conan if he does anything — meaning sports. “Yes, I sit in a closet and play Stratego. ‘Do you do anything?’ I’m gonna start doin’ some stuff now, I think,” Conan cracked. “I have some time on my hands.” Conan then tried to set Andy Richter up for a story about his athleticism, but Andy misspoke and Conan interrupted him: “You said ‘not recently.’ Ha aa. We’re almost off the air, and you screwed up. ‘Not recently, I mean recently,'” he said, slapping his hand and then the mic on his desk. Still, the best was yet to come: Acknowledging that “these are our dumbest shows yet,” Conan pretended to pet a hairless cat and said, “They’re watching right now at NBC. What’s happening? Why is he still on?… I thought someone had killed him.” Yeah, maybe that last line was a bit too much. Conan knew it. “Nothing to lose,” he said.