''Game Change,'' Kesha, and ''The Biggest Loser'' are among the top 10 list of things we loved this week


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1. Game Change, by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin
This dishy book on the 2008 presidential race serves up campaign-trail gossip (see review, page 70). Like TMZ, but about the people who actually run the world!

2. Animal, Ke$ha
If you mixed Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Lady Gaga in a blender (along with a healthy shot of whiskey), you’d have a sense of this 22-year-old’s debut album. Her block-buster single ”TiK ToK” is a catchy blast, but the disc contains even more pop pleasures, which amusingly detail her packed partying schedule. Music fans should all rejoice that this Animal has been let out of its cage.

3. Kevin Smith iPhone app
Keep up-to-date on the director or insert Silent Bob into a photo. And are you looking for a soundboard of creative profanities? Now there’s an app for that.

4. Dollhouse series finale on Fox
The geek favorite from Joss Whedon ends Jan. 22 with a futuristic bang during an hour that’s linked to last season’s ”lost” episode.

5. Helen Mirren in The Last Station
The former Queen continues her reign as one of Hollywood’s most committed actresses in this historical drama, which chronicles the final year of Leo Tolstoy’s life. As Countess Sofya — a.k.a. the author’s fearless wife — Mirren embodies domestic war and peace with the passion we’ve come to expect from the venerable star.

6. The Biggest Loser on NBC
Season 9 of the weight-loss reality behemoth is starting much like the eight before it. But just as miraculously as how all those pounds drop away, Loser is far from stale. With the series’ heaviest contestant ever (Mike, above, at 526 pounds) on board to slim down, you’ll need a big box of tissues handy.

7. Life Unexpected on The CW
Searching for TV that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling you got from shows like Gilmore Girls? You’re in luck! This new drama about a foster kid finally meeting her biological parents will melt your heart in two seconds.

8. Look! It’s Jesus! by Harry Choron and Sandra Choron
We worship this book, which collects pics of objects (e.g., toast) that resemble Jesus. Whether you read it ironically or with awe, one thing’s for sure: You’ll begin to inspect your own breakfast.

9. ”On to the Next One” video, Jay-Z
A bizarre and haunting series of black-and-white images surrounds the rapper in his latest video, which also features Swizz Beatz.The striking imagery — is that sneaker bleeding milk? — will completely transfix you.

10. Kid Casting blog
The kid stays in the picture thanks to this site that compiles side-by-side shots of film characters and their flashback kiddie versions. (Oh, yes! The part of young Josh to Tom Hanks’ character in Big was played by…um, Vacancy 2: The First Cut‘s David Moscow?) Check out the fun that’s already there, and if you don’t see the matchup you’re looking for, you can submit your own! (kidcasting.tumblr.com)

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