4 key roles that prove there's nothing the ''Book of Eli'' star can't do

On Saying Yes To That ’70s Show
I got a part in a soap opera. I really wanted to do it because there were some cute boys in it. I was 14. My manager was like, ”Hold off. You have to meet with these people.” I ended up getting ’70s that night. My manager was like, ”You’re doing ’70s.” I was like, ”Are you sure? We don’t want to do the soap?” I never thought I was that funny. I’m sarcastic, but not funny funny. I learned absolutely everything on ’70s, through trial and error.

On Joining Family Guy
I started halfway through season 2. I’d never seen the show. I was like, ”This show’s funny. It’s so weird. And there’s a talking dog. What is this show about?” We recorded down the street from ’70s, so it was easy to get to once a week. Never in my life did I think that 10 years later I’d be here talking about it. The show is brilliant. I hope Family Guy never ends. It’s the greatest job on the planet.

On Filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I read for Knocked Up and for one reason or another I couldn’t do it. A couple months later, I got a call from Judd Apatow saying, ”Would you do a table read for a script I may or may not do?” I was like, ”Of course!”… We lived at Turtle Bay [Resort in Hawaii], we worked at Turtle Bay. Normally you dread going to work at 5 a.m. In Hawaii, it’s 5 a.m., you wake up bright awake. You walk along the sand to get to set. It was a magical experience.

On The Cast Of The Book Of Eli
The first day, they screwed up the call sheet. They put Denzel Washington at No. 1, Mila Kunis at No. 2, Gary Oldman at No. 3. That’s not the order of how things were supposed to be, mind you. I looked at this list and went, ”Well, one of these things is not like the other.” I looked at the caliber of actors on this call sheet, and I was like, ”How did I get here? Who did I trick?” That whole movie was a master acting class.

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