ABC releases the last in a series of clue-strewn images based on da Vinci's ''The Last Supper''

Dan Brown, consider your monopoly on da Vinci’s The Last Supper over. Here’s the exclusive first look at the final image in ABC’s clue-strewn series of Last Supper promo photos touting the last season of Lost.

When ABC released two Last Supper-style photos of the Lost cast last week, fans buzzed over the possible teases. The first image had everyone eyeballing John Locke. The second had everyone eyeballing us. Creepy. The final image is… a boozy dinner party? Hmm. Study, speculate, and go to to EW Lost Central to share your analysis with yours truly.

The Last Supper Is Served
The castaways imbibing evokes the Bible verse ”If the dead are not raised, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Which is exactly what was at stake with last season’s resurrection-or-bust Jughead cliff-hanger.

Jack Looks Pleased
His stance in the new photo suggests victory over ideological foe Locke. But notice that Dr. Jack’s hand had previously been on Locke’s back. A healing touch, perhaps? Maybe the physician’s heroics will save his fallen, fate-abused frenemy in season 6.

Jin/Sun: Reunited?
The time-tossed husband and wife have been apart for two seasons. Does moving Sun next to Jin portend a happy ending for the couple? Please?!

Focus on Frank
The picture draws attention to pilot Frank Lapidus, suspected of being a ”candidate” by Jacob’s followers…whatever that means. Then again, Miles and Hurley can communicate with the dead, so perhaps Frank is sweating their gaze.