Jay Leno invited Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night, purportedly to reassure viewers there were no hard feelings over Kimmel’s Tuesday-night stunt in which he dressed up as and imitated Leno for his entire show. Not smart.

Joining the pantheon of runaway guests (Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents dinner, Artie Lange‘s NSFW rant on Joe Buck’s show), Kimmel mercilessly piled on Leno with zingers rooted in the perception that Leno is responsible for NBC’s current late-night stare-down with Conan O’Brien. One of Leno’s questions for Kimmel was, “What is the worst idea your writers have ever pitched to you?” After watching this entire Hindenberg-caliber disaster, I can assure you I know what Leno’s own answer would be. Oh, the humanity!

What was Leno thinking? And why didn’t he fight back?

Did Kimmel go too far, especially when he reminded Leno that the former Tonight Show host doesn’t have children to support like he and O’Brien do? How can Leno possibly spin this?