Teddy Pendergrass clearly made an emotional connection with a lot of performers during his life. Foremost among them was singer Patti LaBelle, who earlier today told EW about her relationship with the now sadly late soul legend.

“I knew him very,” she said. “We were like sister and brother. We were just always together. He lived not far from me and he would come to all of my shows and sit in the front row. I’d see him and I’d get chills. He was just a wonderful person that we lost, but his spirit will always be around.”

The singer also recalled the first time that she heard Pendergrass sing. “We were on the same label and I heard him sing and his voice floored me,” she said. “There’ll never be another Teddy.”

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Photo credit: LaBelle: Sayre Berman/PR Photos, Pendergrass: Lennox Smillie/Camera Press/Retna Ltd.