So you want to be on Team Conan? Along with the whole Internet, apparently! Strangely (not…that strangely, I guess), there doesn’t appear to be a big Team Leno web contingency. I’m With Leno redirects to I’m With Coco. Burn! Anyway, Team Conan it is.

First, edit Conan’s hair onto an image, as popularized by Videogum. Here, we’ve put Coco’s hair on Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco! (And EW photo maven Connie Yu.)

Second, change your Twitter icon to one of the many “twibbons” of support. Or design your own. It’s easy!

Finally, watch this (inevitable) Downfall entry, which contains NSFW subtitles:

What are you doing for Conan online support, PopWatchers?