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Image Credit: Sylvain Gaboury / PR PhotosWhile some people are busy brainstorming who should play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4, others are wondering what Tobey Maguire should do now that the film is off his IMDB page. (Actually, it isn’t yet. Let’s get on that!) The LA Times ran through some of his options, noting that the big question is whether he should try to attach himself to another blockbuster/potential franchise or continue in a “more specialized direction” (meaning dramas like Brothers, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination but didn’t score big at the box office or with critics). I think it needs to be a combination of both. Maguire is one of the few actors I like and yet have zero interest in reading about his personal life. I actually like that about him — it keeps our relationship simple. I only have to judge his performance onscreen to know if I’m a fan. I suspect I’m not alone though, which means he needs to do a movie every now and then that mass amounts of people want to see so he stays on our minds. Which is why I’d vote for him to snag the role of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.

Other potential projects the LA Times suggests for Maguire and a poll on the role he should film next after the jump.

The Limit: Maguire’s production company is developing this story of rival Grand Prix race-car drivers for Sony.

The Crusaders: A civil-rights drama penned by Buffy alum Danny Strong (who earned an Emmy nod for writing HBO’s Recount) and directed by Gary Ross, who knows Maguire well from helming Seabiscuit and Pleasantville. Maguire would play Jack Greenberg, the first white member of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, who worked with Thurgood Marshall on the landmark Brown v. Board of Education.

Worlds: Sony was once said to be developing an adaptation of visual effects artist Alec Gillis’ depiction of humankind’s first exploration of life-supporting planets (with a foreword by James Cameron) with Maguire in mind.

Robotech: Another sci-fi flick, reportedly involving an alien spacecraft crashing in the South Pacific and humans using its technology to develop giant robots that can help fight the impending invasion.

Which project are you hoping Maguire does next? (Note: He’s already wrapped the dark comedy The Details with Elizabeth Banks, about the drama that ensues when an already troubled young couple discovers an infestation of raccoons in their backyard.) In what direction do you think Maguire should take his post-Spidey career?