Mmmm, waffles. The new and drool-inducing Waffleizer vows to answer the question “will it waffle?,” and so far, that answer is yes. More specifically: hell yes. Burgers? Yes. Potatoes? Yes. Batter made from other waffles? Oh yes. Let the craze begin.

Waffleizer’s Dan Shumski tells EW in an e-mail that his interest in the world of latticed foodstuffs is long-standing, but the real spark hit a few months ago. “I saw a recipe for waffled French toast. I made that and it was great. But when I thought about it, it seemed sort of obvious. I mean, why hadn’t I thought of that?” And thus, a blog was born.

Upcoming posts will cover Korean food, Indian food, and soul food, and nothing is safe from the delicious grips of the grid-inducing iron: Shumski says he’ll waffleize “anything that [is] legal and potentially delicious.”

I’m drooling, PopWatchers.What do you want to see get waffled next?