There are very few movies that I’ll actually shell out money to go see. But come hell or army of angels to destroy Earth (or worst, should I NOT find a gentleman suitor to pay for my ticket), I’m still going to see Legion in ten days.

The (rated M) trailer for the supernatural flick had my full attention from the moment is started playing eerie ice cream truck music, but sealed the deal with an apocalyptic storyline and a solid cast: Paul Bettany as Archangel Michael, Supernatural alum Adrianne Palicki as a knocked up waitress carrying the messiah, and Dennis Quaid as a small-town diner owner – but more importantly in his continuing role as my eternal older-man crush.

I am forgoing the purchase of my daily Sprite Zero from today until Jan. 22 so that I have enough money for a ticket. Legion better be worth it.

Now your turn. What’s on your Must List? Is there anything coming up that you hope is worth your money (and time!)? What are your hopes for upcoming books/TV/movies/etc? Your pick could end up in the magazine, so defend it well!