A TLC spokeswoman confirmed that it has a “number of different scenarios” to help kick-start the next chapter of Kate Gosselin’s TV career but nothing’s been set in stone. That, of course, didn’t stop one online publication from reporting that the ex-star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will appear in a new, fish-out-of-water show that could bow as early as this year. Apparently, the idea is to insert Gosselin into many different jobs to see how she handles them – kind of like how The View borrowed her for a guest-hosting gig last September. A TLC source only had this to say about the latest rumor: “This is just the latest speculation from supposed sources …We are still in development and looking at a number of ideas. When we have determined what the show will be, you will hear directly from us.”

Gosselin remains under contract with TLC and, as such, must seek the network’s approval to attempt other projects, such as a View-like spinoff in the works at Telepictures that features Gosselin and Food Network star Paula Deen. That project remains in the development stage.