George Lopez is really into it, too. Here’s second-string J. Lo, discussing her Swarovski Crystalled (apparently a verb) “va-jay-jay,” which I couldn’t bring myself to use in the headline because I thought we stopped indulging that term in like 2006. VJJ is soooo last decade. Press play below. I kind of like how Lopez indirectly endorses cunnilingus by remarking that a bedazzled V “seems kind of irritating for the dude.” Hey, she hasn’t had any complaints. The crystals sparkle-fy her business. Her lady business. And she likes that. Seriously, though, WTF is Jennifer Love Ewwwitt talking about?

Good stuff. Slightly more entertaining, though, was Michael Slezak’s response to the press release TBS sent yesterday. I like how his name is in quotes; it makes the entire situation seem even more unlikely.

Would you bedazzle your junk? If I had a sexy ‘Avatar’ queue, maybe. MAYBE.

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