Credit: Mike Mitchell

The Internet is a-buzz with support for Conan O’Brien, but there seems to be one image that’s the beating heart of the entire campaign. LA-based designer Mike Mitchell‘s “I’m with Coco” poster has reached levels of ubiquity we haven’t seen since Shepard Fairey took on Obama. EW caught up with Mitchell, 27, to ask him about designing a movement.

“I’m a huge Conan fan,” Mitchell says. “I went to one of the first test shows [for The Tonight Show] here in LA, and I’ve been a big fan for a long time.” Of the late-night debacle at NBC, he adds: “The whole thing’s just a crappy situation.”

Mitchell set out to design a campaign-style poster, which initially read “I’m with Conan in 2010,” in the hopes that it would “maybe start a movement thing?” A friend suggested just “I’m with Conan,” and Mitchell landed on the far-catchier “I’m with Coco.” It’s a slogan even Swiss Miss could be jealous of.

Mitchell says he’s heard from an O’Brien staffer who told him O’Brien had seen the image, and Mitchell’s hopeful that maybe the host will reach out himself. Ultimately, though, the fan-turned-iconographer just wants the comedian to land somewhere, “and hopefully he can bring his whole staff with him. It’s embarrassing as an Angeleno: We bring Conan all the way here [from New York] and after seven months say ‘never mind’?”

You can join the rapidly-growing I’m With Coco Facebook fan page here, and, of course, watch The Tonight Show tonight.